Leadership General Resources
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Coaching Overview

This is the latest version of Stellar's "Coaching Overview" guidance notes.

PDF icon Coaching Overview V4.pdf
Creativity and Innovation Overview

This 24 page paper offers some ideas on how to go about creating ideas and developing an innovation culture.

PDF icon Creativity and Innovation Overview V.1.pdf
Developing a Communications Strategy

A practical 10 page guidance note of developing a communications strategy in an organisation.

PDF icon Developing a Communication Strategy.pdf
Emotional and Social Intelligence Questionnaire

This self-assessment questionnaire will help you to reflect on your emotional and social intelligence using commonly accepted indicators.  There is some evidence that with change of practice, you can build up and improve your "emotional quotient".  High emotional and sociaL intelligence is associated with effective and sustainable leadership.  

PDF icon Emotional & Social Intelligence Questiionnaire V2.pdf
Five Fundamentals for Stellar Leadership

This 40-page document provides an overview in defining leadership and management and  summarises the Stellar  Leadership model that informs the leadership practices that we refer to and recommend during the programme.

There is also a Stellar Leadership Practice Questionnaire that can be used to get feedback on your leadership proficiency.  It can be completed as a self-assessment exercise or used for 360 degree feedback.

PDF icon Five Fundamentals for Stellar Leadership Summary V1.pdf
IoD Report on Leadership for the 21st Century

This resource is a 12 page view of leadership from the IoD.  It offers a list of characteristics that are considered necessary for leadership in the 21st Century.

PDF icon IoD-Leadership-for-21st-Century-Report.pdf
Leadership in the Public Sector

This is a government publication that is about strengthening leadership in the public sector.  The paper is 112 pages and contains a great deal of background information.  Although now dated, it is a great general resource for those seeking to understand and deal with poor leadership in the public sector.   

PDF icon Leadership-in-Public-Sector.pdf
Leadership Overview

Some background reading on leadership and how thinking about it has evolved over the years. This is useful background based on respected research on leadership in organisations.

PDF icon Leadership Overview V1.pdf
Leadership Quotations

In 7 pages, a list of popular leadership quotations taken from published sources.

PDF icon Leadership Quotations.pdf
Leading Change Overview

This paper is a guide to the managing change process from a leadership perspective.  It is a 24 page document.

PDF icon Leading Change Overview V.2.pdf
Managing Performance Overview

More of a workbook than a paper and at 17 pages it succinctly guides the reader through the performance management process, borrowing much from the balanced scorecard methodology.  A practical resource.

PDF icon Managing Performance Overview V1.pdf
Selected Leadership Video Web Links

A curated selection of YouTude video weblinks on leadership, with some strategy and teamworking thrown in. 

PDF icon Selected Leadership Video Web Links.pdf
Stellar Leadership Practice Questionnaire

Self-assessment tool that you can use to raise questions about your leadership competencies and how effective you are as a leader.

PDF icon Stellar Leadership Questionnaire V1.pdf
Stellar Leadership Styles Questionnaire

You can use this Leadership Styles questionnaire to assess your preferred leadership style and help you reflect on whether or not you need to do more to use a wider range of styles when working in different situations.

PDF icon Stellar Leadership Styles Questionnaire V3.pdf
Stellar Podcast - Communication

An MP3 of the Stellar Podcast on the topic of Communication.

Audio icon Podcast 8 - Communication.mp3
Stellar Podcast - Motivation

An MP3 of the Stellar Podcast on the topic of Motivation.

Audio icon Stellar Podcast 1 - Motivation.mp3
Stellar Podcast - Teamworking

An MP3 of the Stellar Podcast on Teamworking. In this edition we ask a basic but leading question: What is a team?

Audio icon Podcast 4 - Team Working (Aug 12).mp3
Stellar Podcast Transcript - Communication

Transcript of the Stellar Podcast on the topic of Communication.

PDF icon Podcast No 8 - Communication V2.pdf
Stellar Podcast Transcript - Motivation

Transcript of the Stellar Podcast on the topic of Motivation.

PDF icon Podcast No 1 - Motivation Transcript.pdf
Stellar Podcast Transcript - Teamworking

Transcript of the Stellar Podcast on Teamworking.

PDF icon Podcast No 4 - Teamworking Transcript.pdf
Strategic Planning Overview

Overview of the process of strategic planning in 45 pages.  It covers the process from forming a strategy review team, through environmental analysis, to setting objectives and action planning.

At Stellar we are fans of Blue Ocean strategy and Balanced Scorecard planning.  Notes on those models are available elsewhere on the site.

PDF icon Strategic Planning Overview V4.pdf
Teamworking Overview

This is a short, summary paper (21 pages) on team working with some questionnaires and exercises included.  You could use these to work with your team.

PDF icon Teamworking Overview V.1.pdf